Hello. We are INFITHEON.

We are a next-generation security technology company.
Our platform enables security applications for the Smart Home and Industrial Applications for large scale use.

The Company

INFITHEON is a state of the art technology provider with major focus on Security applications. INFITHEON, with facilities @ "Lefkippos" Technology Park -National Research Center "Demokritos" campus in Attica, aims to create low-end disruption by introducing innovative products with particular focus on reliability, ease of use and low production costs, targeting initially the Residential Security and, at a later stage, the Industrial Security markets.

The Know-how

INFITHEON has accumulated technology know-how through R&D and through participation in EU and ESA projects. More specifically during the last seven years we perform intensive Research in the areas of infrasonics, embedded systems, wireless ad-hoc area networks and secure communications for the Protection of Critical Infrastructures. This expertise has culminated in the development of a series of Products in commercial and prototype forms for the Security Markets.

Value Proposition, Mission & Vision

  • A dynamic start-up company with secured European Research Funding since inception.
  • A profitable company, running at significant % Net Result margin levels.
  • A promising company that is seeking growth funding to grasp a window of opportunity in a lucrative and growing market.

Our mission: Securing people and assets through innovative technologies We envisage to be at the forefront of innovation at the markets serve.

The Products

  1. Autonomous Infrasonic Intrusion Alarm (Infisensis): A patented  highly innovative security solution, literally in a box slightly larger than a mobile phone, which utilizes infrasonic, a unique detection technology, combined with mobile communication and offers intrusion detection protection, opacity, temperature and emergency alerts, without the need of any other external circuitry and/or a central monitoring station and addresses the residential security market. 

     Our company was one of the ten finalists (among 1100 entries) in the prestigious 2016 Hellenic Entrepreneurship Award ( www.hellenicaward. com) with the new improved version of our infrasonic security device e.SENSIS.  We are planning to introduce  e.SENSIS in the market in the second Quarter of  2017.

  2. Electronic Door Lock Access System (EDLAS): Controls and monitors the protected premises’ doors. The locking and unlocking of each individual door or of a set of doors- simultaneously- which is extremely important for large establishments such as hospitals or industrial buildings, is initialized through unanswered calls via mobile phone and/or landlines. The status of all the doors (locked or unlocked) of the protected premises are monitored constantly through the associated Web and/or mobile phone applications. EDLAS system is suitable for all types of doors by replacing only the strike plate. It can be retrofitted to any existing lock. EDLAS is currently is in a fully working prototype form.

  3. Secure SMS (i-SSMS): A user friendly application for smart phones secures your SMS ‘conversations’ at top secret level, by combining two of the strongest encryption algorithms available today, the RSA 2048bit and the AES 256bit. Each time the application starts, it generates totally different keys thus ensuring absolute security; most important, these keys (and the unencrypted SMS thread) disappear when the application terminates. The application guarantees end-to-end security even from the service provider. The application currently is fully functional. and addresses the high-value market of the Security and Protection of Critical Infrastructures.
  1. Security by Proximity (i-Proxima): Credit size Card asset and person security devices offers protection within a pre-programmed distance between asset owner and asset to be protected, by means of visual and acoustic alarms. The Cards form an ad-hoc network providing first level security for a large number of assets and persons. We are in the process of filing for national and international patents.

  2. Outdoor Infrasonic Detector: An early warning system which detects aerial threats such as low flying helicopters currently undetectable by conventional radars. The system is being developed within the framework of an EU sponsored initiative; is currently field tested and it will be fully operational during the third quarter of 2015. The system addresses the high-value market of the Security and Protection of Critical Infrastructures. There are no similar systems in the European market, while in the US market there are a few very expensive either experimental or military.

R& D projects

Testament to INFITHEON  extensive R&D background are the following indicative  EU Framework & European Space Agency projects (ESA) projects and contracts  on security and communications:

ARGOS -Advanced pRotection of critical buidinGs by Overall anticipating System -FP7-SEC-2012-1

 DITSEF-Digital & Innovative Technologies for Security & Efficiency of First responder operations - FP7-ICT-SEC-2007-1

 Ultra Low Power Heterogeneous Reconfigurable Wireless Sensor Networks for Battery Powered, Self Powered and Remote Powered Telemetry for Space Craft Applications -ITT AO 1-6037/09/F/VS -LET SME Announcement of opportunities 2009

 Remote RF powering and Passive Telemetry link for a Wireless Strain Sensor System - RFQ Ref. No: RFQ No. 3-12170/07/NL/GLC.

The Team

INFITHEON’s main asset is a focused team of experts sharing the same vision with expertise exceeding 150 man-years.

Advisory Board:

  • Prof. Simon JONES, Former Director of MIT Media Lab Europe, Pro-Vice Chancellor Security & Defence CRANFIELD University, UK
  • Prof. Yiannis VARDAXOGLOU, Loughborough University, UK
  • Dr. Gregory VOTSIS, Former General Manager INTRACOM, CTO Forthnet, Senior Manager VODAFONE

Legal Consultants:

  • Th. Papageorgiou (Corporate Lawyer)
  • Tr. Vourou (Patent Attorney)